The Art Of Vacationing

Ownership Simplified

You have a big investment in your timeshare. When you purchased, you had visions of traveling the USA or even the world in style—staying in first-class accommodations that are spacious enough to bring the entire family or friends. What a wonderful dream! But when you tried to create such a trip, you found that it was confusing and difficult—which was when planning your dream vacation turned into a nightmare.

There IS an answer! The Art of Vacationing takes the headache out of planning timeshare vacations. We know the ins-and-outs of the Marriott Vacation Club timeshare program and how best to work with the Marriott Destination Points program and external exchange company, Interval International®.

If you own:

  • Marriott Vacation Club®

we offer one-on-one personalized vacation-planning services. This no-hassle solution saves you time and money since The Art of Vacationing takes care of every one of your details and ensures that you get the most from your timeshare investment.

Based upon your immediate and future vacation wishes, an overall strategy, spanning the next 12 months, will be developed specifically for you. To maximize all aspects of your ownership, we’ll review your entire portfolio, including your home resort options, deposits with Interval International® and available hotel points. We’ll then implement the strategy by contacting Interval International® and your Vacation Club, and then continue to monitor all the requests—thus saving you time. It’s easy—the only phone number you have to remember is ours!


Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from The Art of Vacationing:

  • Knowledgeable Support - Unlimited assistance from your dedicated team

  • Fast Response Time - Emails and phone calls returned

  • within the hour, but no later than 24 hours.

  • Never Miss a Date Again - Receive email reminders when it is time to make strategic decisions

  • No Surprises - Expert advice on Vacation Club resorts to trade into based upon your needs

It’s Ownership Simplified! Contact us today for details about your personalized program. Isn't it time you maximize your timeshare investment?

Annual plans start at only $500 and are based upon the number of weeks you own.

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Pam Keystone's extensive knowledge, experience & resources provide valuable information, as well as cost savings for her clientele. Her organizational skills, high standards & excellent service could benefit even the most experienced timeshare owner.

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